Rudi Records RRJ1013 Faces and tales

Daniele Cavallanti & The Brotherhood Creative Trance Music Ensemble

Daniele Cavallanti, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, nay flute; Gianluigi Trovesi, alto saxophone; Luca Calabrese, trumpet; Lauro Rossi, trombone; Carlo Actis Dato, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Emanuele Parrini, violin; Fabrizio Puglisi, piano; Silvia Bolognesi, double bass; Andrea Di Biase, double bass; Tiziano Tononi, drums.

  1. Creative mesa (18.03)

  2. Faces
  3. Shadows (03.16)
  4. Cassavetes (05.58)
  5. Bertolucci (06.40)
  6. Jarmusch (03.29)
  7. Wenders (09.53)
  8. Eastwood (08.10)
  1. Trance minutes (18.26)
  2. Sounds of hope (11.02)
  3. African flower (07.16)
  4. Things ain't what they used to be (11.00)
  5. Raphael's walk (04.35)

Recorded at the AH UM Jazz Festival in Milano on 16/17 May 2012.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Antonio Ribatti; art by Ale Sordi.

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