Rudi Records RRJ1017 Hexaphone: the cosmology of improvised music (CD + DVD)

Katja Cruz featuring Oliver Lake

Katja Cruz, voice; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone; Andrea Massaria, guitar; Howard Curtis, drums; Patrick Dunst, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute, duduk; Patrik Lechner, electronics, visuals.

  1. Hexahedron - Earth (10.36)
  2. Octahedron - Air (09.24)
  3. Icosahedron - Water (08.12)
  4. Dodecahedron - Ether, the universe (09.33)
  5. Hexagon (10.20)
  6. Hexagram (10.02)
  7. The flowe of life (12.12)
The package features a CD and DVD, both with the same music but the DVD with added visuals from a full performance of the piece.

Recorded on 10 December 2012 at Generalmusikdirektion, Graz, Austria.

Art (front cover reproduced above) by Ale Sordi; photographs by Dominik Kreuzer.

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