Rudi Records RRJ1022 (In)Obediens

Fabio Sartori/Marco Colonna/Cristiano Calcagnile

Fabio Sartori, piano; Marco Colonna, bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Cristiano Calcagnile, drums, percussion.

  1. Frame (05.36)
  2. Frenetic dance (04.28)
  3. (In)Obediens (08.58)
  4. Flex frame (04.17)
  5. Impro#1 (05.23)
  6. Celebra(L)tion Day (03.38)
  7. Arlequin (06.49)

Recorded November 2013/February 2014 at Extrabeat Studio, Rome.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Samuele Niccolini; art by Ale Sordi.

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