SOFA 506 Listen... and tell me what it was

No spaghetti edition

Maja Ratkje, voice, electronics; Ingebrigt Flaten, double bass; Ingar Zach, drums, percussion; Pat Thomas, piano, electronics; Frode Haltli, accordion; Tonny Kluften, double bass; Ivar Grydeland, guitar; Axel Dörner, trumpet, electronics; Rolf Erik Nystrøm, reeds; Håkon Kornstad, reeds; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums, percussion; Øyvind Torvund, guitar.
  1. Mir 1.4 (06.20)
  2. Drop the boy (10.31)
  3. Moscowskaja (06.25)
  4. If mountains could sing (15.48)
  5. The night, the death and the universe (05.59)
  6. A country practice (12.34)
  7. Spaghetti fingers (01.44)
  8. Mr. Thompson (11.15)
Recorded in Rainbow Studio, Oslo on 26/27 March 2001.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Mari Ihlebaek; cover design by Thomas Hukkelberg.

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