Werner Dafeldecker

Photograph copyright Jerzy Palacz.

Born 1964; double bass, guitar.

Werner Dafeldecker studied double bass at the Konservatorium in Vienna. He is a member of Ton.Art, Burkhard Stangl's Maxixe and works in a duo with Uli Fussenegger. He has worked with Eugene Chadbourne, Gene Coleman, Ned Rothenberg, Walter Malli, Tom Varner, Franz Kogelmann, Christoph Kurzmann, Christian Fennesz, Wayne Horvitz, Tony Buck, Jim OĞRourke, Radu Malfatti, Kevin Drumm, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Maxixe, Ton.Art and others. He has composed for several different ensembles, theatre and crossover: Klangforum Wien, European Tuba Quartet, Polwechsel, Shabotinski and Ton Art among others. These compositions include:

Werner Dafeldecker founded the avant-garde label Durian Records in 1995. His current projects include Polwechsel - John Butcher, Burkhard Stangl, Michael Moser - with two recordings on hat ART and Shabotinski. With Christian Mühlbacher he has created Diphtongs: compositions of a virtual group created from pre-recorded solos from improvisors that includes Radu Malfatti, Michael Moser and Burkhard Stangl.

e-mail: durian@t0.or.at


1987, Ant.Ort, Extraplatte Ex 63 (LP). Ton Art.
1989, Zu, Hat Art 6034. Ton Art.
1990, Bonsai beat, Extraplatte Ex 103. Striped Roses.
1990, Vrhunec, Extraplatte Ex 128. With Walter Malli.
1991, Mal vu. Mal dit, Hat Art 6088.
1991, Comprovisations I-X, Extraplatte Ex 166.
1992, Markknochen wälzt eisscholle, Extraplatte Ex 152. With Burkhard Stangl and Michael Moser.
1992, "+", Extraplatte Ex 163. Striped Roses.
1992, Hot Burrito #2, Extraplatte Ex 186. With Walter Malli and Eugene Chadbourne.
1993/94, Polwechsel, Randon Acoustics RA009/hat[now]ART 112. With Burkhard Stangl, Radu Malfatti and Michael Moser.
1993/94, Loose music, RA015. Burkhard Stangl.
1994, Insections, Extraplatte Ex 209. Striped Roses.
1994, Bogengänge, Durian 099 CD. Duo with Uli Fussenegger.
1994, Diphtongs, Durian 005-2. Recordings of a virtual group.
1996, Stenimals, Plag dich nicht 007. Shabotinski.
1997, 05.04.97, Extraplatte Ex 333. Mühlbacher et al.
1998, Polwechsel 2, hat[now]ART 112. With John Butcher/Burkhard Stangl/Michael Moser.
1998, Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O'Rourke/Drumm/Siewert, Charhizma 002.
1999, (b)ypass (k)ill, Plag Dich Nicht PDN 012. Shatotinski.
1999, Printer, Durian 011 CD. Trio with Uli Fussenegger and Dieter Kovacic.
1999, Komfort 2000, Charhizma 007. With Martin Siewert.
1999?, Easy to assemble, hard to take apart, Cheap Entertainment/Form&Function F&F 033. Patrick Pulsinger.
1999, ao3, Durian Guerilla 050. Audio-visual installations.
1999, My dear mummy, Charhizma 017. Otomo Yoshihide/Shimada Masahiko.
2000, Aluminium, Erstwhile 009. Duo with Dean Roberts.
2000, Home, GROB 431. SSSD.
2000/01, Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Drumm/eRikm/Dieb13/Noetinger, Charhizma 020.
2001?, Eis 9, GROB 319. Dafeldecker/Hegenbart.
2000/01, Polwechsel 3, Durian 016-2. Polwechsel.
2002, Wrapped islands, Erstwhile 023. Polwechsel/Fennesz.
2002, Absinth, GROB 435. Dafeldecker/Hautzinger/Tilbury/Sachiko M.
2002, Die instabilität der symmetrie, GROB 547. Brandlmayr/Dafeldecker/Németh/Siewert.
2003?, Lichtgeschwindigkeit, GROB 541. Dafeldecker.Lang.
2005, Archives of the North, hatOLOGY 633. Polwechsel.
2007, Field, hatOLOGY 672. Polwechsel/John Tilbury.
2007, Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Tilbury/Wishart, mikroton cd 4.
2007, Hammeriver, mikroton cd 8. Clare Cooper/Chris Abrahams/Christof Kurzmann/Tobias Delius/Clayton Thomas/Werner Dafeldecker/Tony Buck.

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