George Haslam

Born Preston, Lancashire, 22 February 1939, baritone saxophone, tarogato.

George Haslam is largely self-taught - his tuition involved 'a few private lessons and a lot of practice' - and throughout the 1950s and '60s he undertook extensive work with dance bands and jazz before moving into free jazz and improvisation in the 1970s. Early influences were Lester Young and Gerry Mulligan.

In the early 1980s he worked extensively in eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary, as a soloist and with his group The Siger Band: Paul Rutherford, Pete McPhail, Tony Moore and Nigel Morris. In 1986 he played in Mexico as well as leading the first British jazz group to play in Cuba, and in 1990 was the first British jazz musician to play in Argentina. Since then he has returned regularly to play in Cuba and Argentina and, in particular has begun to record, and record with, Argentine musicians.

Haslam has worked with a range of artists from Nat Gonella to Arturo Sandoval, Derek Bailey to Victor Sylvester, Mal Waldron, Steve Lacy, Charlie Mariano, Stan Tracey, Valery Ponomarev, Joachim Kuhn... He has deliberately taken this eclectic approach to music, partly to avoid pigeon-holing, but largely because it reflects his very diverse interests and love of different musics. In 1989 he formed SLAM Productions originally to release his own music but now encompassing many other free jazz and improvising musicians: Elton Dean, Howard Riley, Paul Rutherford, Lol Coxhill, Paul Dunmall, Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, reflecting Haslam's wide range of interests and playing situations.

Education and working with young musicians is a very important area of his Haslam's work and he gives individual tuition on saxophone both in schools and privately, coaches youth big bands and organises workshops on Learning the blues which he has presented over the years from South America to Hong Kong.

George Haslam's present work in solo improvisation, and with Mal Waldron, Level Two, and as a member of the British Saxophone Quartet (with Lol Coxhill, Elton Dean and Simon Picard) provides opportunities across a wide spectrum of jazz and improvisation. He also continues to tour widely, particularly in South America, East Europe (Hong Kong in January 1998) and more recently in Russia, Ukraine and Finland.


1984, The Siger Band, live in Hungary, Spotlite SPJ 526.
1985, Natural music, SLAMHC 301.
1986, The healing, Spotlite SPJ 533. With Paul Rutherford, Pete McPhail, Tony Moore and Paul Hession.
1987, Running deep, SLAMHC 311.
1989, 1989 - and all that, SLAMCD 301. Solos and duos with George Haslam.
1989, Out of school, SLAMHC 331.
1989, Termite one, BFC24/BF 32. We never sleep, in USA, TAK 03. Humdrum
1990, The Holywell concert, SLAMCD302.
1992, Level two, SLAMCD303. George Haslam group.
1992, Buenos Aires, SLAMHC 321.
1992, The saxophone phenomenom, SLAMCD 401.
1993, January thaw, SLAMCD 402. Two tracks on compilation CD.
1993, Argentine adventures, SLAMCD 304.
1994, Desde adentro, SLAMHC 322.
1994, De igual a igual, SLAMCD 502.
1994, Waldron-Haslam, SLAMCD 305.
1994, Argentine adventures part 2, SLAMCD 307.
1995, At home, SLAMHC 341.
1995, Solos East West, SLAMCD 308.
1997, Duos East West, SLAMCD 309.
1997, Communications, SLAMCD 404.
1998, Argentine adventures part 3, SLAMCD 311.
1991/1999, Harmonance, SLAMCD 310. Duo with Laszlo Gardony.
1999, Slamfest, SLAMCD 405. Trio of Coxhill/Haslam/Rutherford on compilation 2-disc set.
1999, Tredavoe blue, SLAMCD 312. Duo with Richard Leigh Harris.
2000, Parker/Haslam/Edwards, SLAMCD 314.
2000/2001, Meltdown, SLAMCD 243. Meltdown.
2001, Live at the Red Rose, SLAMCD 313. The Anglo-Argentine Jazz Quartet.
2001/02, Soaring, SLAMCD 316. Plaza Jazz Trio.
2002, Pendle Hawk Carapace, SLAMCD 315. Haslam/Hession duo.
2002/2004, 2002*2003*2004, SLAMCD 320. George Haslam's Freetime.
2003, Latin from the North, SLAMCD 317.
2003, Penas argentinas, SLAMCD 509. Jorge Daniel Szajko & Orquesta Salvaje.
2003, The Mahout, SLAMCD 318. Haslam/Bergman/Hession.
2003, Cool moon, SLAMCD 319. The Anglo-Kuopio Quartet.
2004/2007, Cuban meltdown, SLAMCD 515. George Haslam/Bobby Carcassés
2005/6, SHaK, SLAMCD 321.
2006, September Spring, SLAMCD 322.
2006, From Whichford Hill, SLAMCD 323. George Haslam/Lol Coxhill/Richard Leigh Harris/Steve Kershaw.
2006, Holywell session: live in Oxford, SLAMCD 324. George Haslam/Richard Leigh Harris/Stefano Pastor/Harry Beckett/Steve Kershaw.
2006, Helios suite, SLAMCD 325. George Haslam/Stefano Pastor/Steve Kershaw/Paul Hession.
2007/8, Papermoon, SLAMCD 326. George Haslam Quartet.
2008, The big sax CD: contemporary baritone saxophones, SLAMCD 406.
2008, Freedom, SLAMCD 520. With Stefano Pastor/Claudio Lugo/Giorgio Dini.

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