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Born 1966; saxophones.

Martin Küchen has been active on the Swedish free improvised/free jazz scene since the mid-1990s. He has composed for larger groups, participated in dance projects, performed with different poets and created the music for experimental films. He now collaborates with improvisors all over Europe and USA/Canada. His current collaborations include: Küchen has written a number of pieces for larger groups, examples of which are:



1998/9, Repets hjärta, Heartrope Records CD 001.
1999, Sounds 99, Blue Tower Records BTCD 09/10/11. Cloudchamber track + member of Frim Big Band.
2001, Sing with your mouth shut, Highspeedart CD-R. Solo.
2001, Irregular, Fylkingen FYSP 1006. Klapper - Küchen. vinyl 7".
2001-02, Safaris, Fylkingen FYCD 1020. Cloudchamber.
2002, Exploding customer, Ayler Records aylCD-030.
2002, Bulbs, Slamcd 250. Unsolicited Music Ensemble.
2002/2003, Filth pharmacy, Ninth World Music NWM 028. Sound of Mucus.
2003, Tidszon, Creative sources CS 014. UNSK.
2004, Music from one of the provinces in the empire, Confront Collectors Series CCS3. Solo.
2004, Agape, Creative sources CS 035. Martin Küchen/David Stackenäs.
2004, Live at the Tampere Jazz Happening, Ayler Records aylCD-031. Exploding customer.
2005/6, At your service, Ayler Records aylCD-063. Exploding customer.
2007, "...was there to illuminate the night sky...", Clean Feed CF149CD. Trespass Trio.
2007, Vinter, Creative sources CS 158. Martin Küchen/Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues/Carlos Santos.
2009, Küchen_Rowe_Wright, Another Timbre at29.
2010, Dying sun, Another timbre at38. Looper.
2011, Bruder Beda, Clean Feed CF251CD. Trespass Trio.
2012, Human encore, Clean Feed CF269CD. Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee.
2014, Enter, Rune Grammofon RCD 2158. Fire! Orchestra.
2014, Night in Europe, No Business Records NBCD78. Martin Küchen/Johan Berthling/Steve Noble.
2014, Melted snow, No Business Records NBLP89. Martin Küchen/Jon Rune Strøm/Tollef Østvang.
2015, The spirit of Pitesti, Clean Feed CF418CD. Trespass Trio.
2015/2016, Evolving patterns, hispid recordings HSPD006. Per Zanussi Ensemble.
?, Squarehorse, Absurd CD #45. Looper.

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