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Born 1965; guitar, electronics, composer.

Michael Renkel's guitar lessons began at the age of 7, in 1972, later to be followed by a classical music education at the Hamburger Konservatorium. He became interested in open concepts of composition and improvisation in 1985, started composing in 1993 and has been working with live electronics and computers since 1998. His main interest is in the interface and interaction between improvisation and composition which have been pursued via exchange and collaboration with similar-minded musicians internationally.

Renkel is one of the organizer's of the 2:13 Club in Berlin, founder of the 2:13 Ensemble (1997) which develops its own pieces in collective processes, for example, Isomerie, the first performance of which was given at the Kryptonale festival in Berlin in 1998. The 2:13 Ensemble have also have also given complete performances of the graphic composition Treatise by Cornelius Cardew. The Ensemble won a prize at the contemporary music competition, Düsseldorfer Altstadtherbst in 1999.

Renkel has worked in a guitar/tuba duo with Robin Hayward and given experimental street performances in Berlin with a quartet including Burkhard Beins, Markus Wettstein and Robin Hayward. His current projects include:

e-mail: info@michaelrenkel.de


1996, Nunc, 2:13 Music 02.
Hörspiel, Bad Alchemy.
1999, möwen & moos, 2:13 Music 008/009. Activity Center.
1999, möwen & moos remix, 2:13 Music 014. Activity Center.
2001, Urbano Mistica Amplitude, 2:13 Music 015.
2001, Phosphor, Potlatch P501.
2002?, Grain, DotDotDot Music 003. One short track on compilation CD.
2002, Rebecca, Charhizma 022. Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Renkel.
2002, Labor CD, Charhizma 026/027. Compilation CD with Phosphor.
2002, Still, L'Innomable. Duo with Luca Venitucci.
2003, Berlin strings, absinthRecords 002. One solo mini-CD on this 4CD compilation.
2003, Activity Center/Phil Minton, absinthRecords 006.
2005, Errorkoerper III, absinthRecords 009.
2005, phono_phono, absinthRecords 014. With Magda Mayas/Sabine Vogel.
2005, Kalte Welle 102: dreizehn fragmente, Kning Disk KD027. Sven-Åke Johansson/Michael Renkel.
2006, 7ft._Konka, absinthRecords 011. Duo with Sonja Bender.
2006, Phosphor II, Potlatch P109.
2009, lohn & brot, absinthRecords 017. Activity Center.

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