Martin Schütz

Born 1954, lives in Biel, Switzerland; electric and acoustic cello, sampling, electronics.

Martin Schütz is a cellist and electronic musician, improvisor and composer. He has been a figure on the european scene of improvised music since the late 1980s and has played with a large variety musicians from Europe, USA and elsewhere.

He has been a regular collaborator with Lawrence Butch Morris, worked in trios with Barre Phillips and Hans Burgener and with Stephan Witter and Paul Lovens but has perhaps become best known for his membership of the Swiss trio "Koch-Schütz-Studer" - with Hans Koch and Fredy Studer - and its "Hardcore Chambermusic". The three musicians have been working together since 1990. Characteristics of their music are hard contrasts, even contradictions. Sequenced sounds from various unrecognisable sources and the use of live-electronics create dense walls of sound which are contrasted with completely acoustic, minimalistic-ambient improvisations. Analogue ("played") and digital ("programmed") beats are juxtaposed against free "outer-limits" - improvisations. In addition to working as a trio, the group has collaborated with traditional musicians with quite different non-western musical backgrounds: with the El Nil Troop from Egypt to record Heavy Cairo traffic, and with Cuban musicians to record Fidel. In 1998 the trio started a new group called "Roots&Wires" with New-York-DJs I-Sound and M.Singe.

Martin Schütz also works regularly with music in other media. He has a long working relationship with theatre director Christoph Marthaler, having collaborated with him in 1994 at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg and in 1996/97 at the Volksbühne in Berlin. He has composed and produced music for the Tanzwerk Nürnberg and Neumarktheater, Zurich and his work for film and video includes Peter Lüthi's computer animation Clowntown (1994), and for two films by Peter Liechti: Grimsel, ein Augenschein (1990) and the feature film Martha's Garten (1997).



1987, Serendipity, Creative Works CW 1009. Werner Lüdi Sunnymoon.
1987, Accélération, ECM 1357. Koch/Schütz/Käppeli.
1988, The art of the staccato, Sound Aspects SAS CD 033. Koch/Schütz/Käppeli.
1989, Approximations, Intakt CD 018. With Hans Koch.
1990, X-Communication, FMP CD 33.
1991, CHOCKSHUT, Intakt CD 031.
1991, Auf der hut, ??. Hägler/Häusermann/Schütz.
1991/1992, Choice-chase, Intakt CD 032. Wittwer/Schütz/Lovens.
1992, Arnold bombs and fireflys, FOR 4 EARS CD409. Hans Anliker/Hans Burgener/Michael Lytle/Martin Schütz.
1992, Conduction 22: Documenta: gloves & mitts, New World 80481. Butch Morris.
1992, Looking out our window, FOR 4 EARS CD515. Hans Burgener/Barre Phillips/Martin Schütz.
1992, Half a lifetime, Unit UTR 4068. One track on Fredy Studer/Christy Doran double CD.
1993, Max + Moritz, ??. Hägler/Häusermann/Schütz.
1993, Conduction #38: In Freud's garden, New World 80486. Butch Morris.
1994, Wintsch/Schütz/Hemingway, Unit UTR 4071.
199?, WAAMAT, Unit UTR 4073. Michel Wintsch.
199?, Road movie, btl 002/EFA 10172. Michel Wintsch.
1994, Hardcore chambermusic, Intakt CD 042.
1995, Heavy Cairo traffic, Intuition INT 3175 2. Hardcore chambermusic.
1996, TIT for TAT/Conduction #70, FOR 4 EARS CD927. Butch Morris.
1997, Fidel, Intakt CD 056. Hardcore chambermusic.
1997, Border meetings, Altri Suoni AS060.
1998, Heat transfer, FOR 4 EARS CD929. Hans Burgener/Barre Phillips/Martin Schütz.
1998, Roots and wires, Intakt CD 060. Hardcore chambermusic/DJ M. Singe/DJ I-Sound.
1998/9, Marmara Sea, Intakt CD 061. Saadet Türköz.
2000, Live im Schiffbau, Intakt CD 074. Hardcore chambermusic/Christian Uetz.
2002, Passions und osterspiele/Mysterienspiel live in der Jesuitenkirche, Gallo CD-1134. Koch-Schütz-Studer/Christian Uetz/Beny von Moos.
2001-2003, Life tied, Intakt CD 094. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2005, Tales from 30 unintentional nights, Intakt CD 117. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2005, A club for 30 days, Intakt DVD 131. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2010/2011, Walking and stumbling through your sleep, Intakt CD 201. Koch-Schütz-Studer with Shelley Hirsch.

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