Carlos 'Zingaro' Alves

photograph copyright J. Magalhaes

Born 1948 in Lisbon, Portugal; violin, electronics.

Carlos Zingaro undertook classical music studies at the Lisbon Music Conservatory from 1953 to 1965, and during the two years 1967/68 he studied church organ at the High School of Sacred Music. Also, during the 1960s, Zingaro was a member of the Lisbon University Chamber Orchestra. In 1967 he formed Plexus, the only Portuguese group at the time to have developed a new musical approach based on contemporary music, improvisation and rock; the group recorded a 45rpm single for RCA-Victor in 1968.

From 1975 onwards Carlos Zingaro has performed with a wide variety of improvising musicians, including: Barre Phillips, Daunik Lazro, Derek Bailey, Joëlle Léandre, Jon Rose, Kent Carter, Ned Rothenberg, Peter Kowald, Roger Turner, Rüdiger Carl, Dominique Regef, Evan Parker, Günter Müller, Andres Bosshard, Jean-marc Montera, and Paul Lovens. In 1978 he was invited by Wroclaw Technical University in Poland to participate in the 1st Instrumental Theatre Meeting, and in 1979 he won a Fulbright Grant and was invited by the Creative Music Foundation in Woodstock, New York to participate in meetings, classes and performances with such composers as Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, George Lewis, Leo Smith, Tom Cora and Richard Teitelbaum (a regular collaborator). He also gave lectures on New Notation Concepts, Movement and Sound, and the inter-relationship of Improvisation and Body Attitude. As a soloist, or with other musicians and composers, Carlos Zingaro has performed at many of the most important new music and improvising festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

A substantial level of Carlos Zingaro's musical activities are associated with theatre, film and dance. In 1975 he completed Stage Design studies at the Lisbon Theatre High School and later served on the board of directors of the School. From 1974 to 1980 he was musical director for the Lisbon-based theatre group Comicos, being responsible for most of the original music scores performed during the period. In 1981 Carlos Zingaro received the Portuguese Critics Award for best theatre music and in 1988 he worked with the Italian theatre director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti on his Kafka Trilogy. He has also been stage and costume designer for several other theatre productions. He has produced several film scores and worked extensively with dancers and dance companies such as the Gulbenkian Dance Company, the Opéra de Genève Dance Company, Michala Marcus, Aparte, and Olga Roriz.

Carlos Zingaro was a founding member of the Lisbon-based art gallery Comicos, his work has been exhibited, and he has received several prizes for his cartoons, comics and illustrations, samples of which can be seen on a number of CD sleeves, for example, Musiques de scène.



1974/75, Beauvais Cathedral, Emanem 4061. Kent Carter.
1978, La contra basse, Le chant du monde. Kent Carter.
1980, Live, Ictus LP 0012/rdc 5047. Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra.
1980-1983, Doctor Faustus, Ictus 128. Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra. Part of Icuts Records 30th anniversary collection.
1983, Sweet Zee, hat Art 2010. Daunik Lazro.
1983, Thirty years from Monday, Ictus 129. Part of Ictus Records 30th anniversary collection.
1984, The Willisau suites, ITM Pacific 970077/Emanem 4105. Kent Carter String Trio.
1987, Once Incus CD 04. Company
1987/1992, The sea between Victo CD03. Duo with Richard Teitelbaum.
1989, Solo in situ ADDA 590076.
1990, Écritures, in situ 038. With Joélle Lèandre.
1991, Café noir, GRRR 2019. Trio Pied de Poule.
1992, Pour garder l'adn en état 110, GRRR 2020. With Un Drame Musical Instantané.
1992/1993, Musiques de scène BBB001CD.
1992, L'Histoire de Mme. Tasco, Hat art 6122. Canvas trio.
1992, The arrow of time, Ano Kato Record 2005. Floros Floridis; one track a duo with CZ.
1993, Periferia, in situ 164. With Daunik Lazro, J. Bolcato, Sakis Papadimitriou.
1993, Sound on stage part 1, Musicworks 58. With Joelle Lèandre.
1993, Hallelujah, anyway: remembering Tom Cora Tzadik TZ 760s. Tom Cora/Leo Smith/Richard Teitelbaum/Carlos Zingaro: one track on this compilation.
1994, Lisboa! a soundscape portrait, ZP9401.
1994, Cyberband, Moers Music 03000 CD. Richard Teitelbaum.
1994, Golem Tzadik 7105. Richard Teitelbaum.
1995, Hauts plateaux Potlatch P 498. Duo with Daunik Lazro.
1995, Cuts FMP CD 94. With Peter Kowald and Ort Ensemble.
1996, Moments Music and Arts CD-999. Canvas Trio.
1996, Western Front, Vancouver 1996 hatOLOGY 513. Duo with Peggy Lee.
1996, Pifarely/Zingaro in situ 167. Duo with Dominique Pifarély; part of 3CD box.
1996/1997, Release from tension audEo 0197.
1997, Cenas de uma Tarde de Verão Teatro Nacional D.Maria II TNDM II 001CD.
1997, Blood pool AnAnAnA HHH 001. Track on compilation CD.
1998, >11>ways>to>proceed, For 4 Ears CD1035. Burgener/Teitelbaum/Müller/Zingaro.
1999, Joëlle Léandre Project, Leo LR CD287.
1999, Live in Berlin, FMP CD 146. Manuela+.
2001, Madly you, Potlatch P102. Lazro/Léandre/Zingaro/Lovens.
2001, The chicken check in complex, Leo LR CD340. Zingaro/Léandre/Tramontana.
2001, Total Music Meeting 2001: Audiology - 11 groups live in Berlin, A/L/L002. On two tracks on this compilation CD.
2001, 25th NWM, Ninth World Music NWM0 25 CD. One track on compilation CD.
2001, 1/2, No label CDR. Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana.
2002, The space between, Clean Feed CF015CD. Rodrigo Amado/Carlos Zingaro/Ken Filiano.
2001-2002, Cage of sand sirr.ecords sirr 2997. Solo violin and electronics.
2002, Music for strings, percussion & electronics, BF59. ZFP Quartet.
2004, Grammar Rossbin RS 019. Punctual Trio.
2005, At the Le Mans Jazz Festival, Leo LR CD458/459. Joëlle Léandre.
2007, Serendipity, Amirani AMRN016. Gianni Lenoci/Carlos Zingaro/Marcello Magliocchi.
2010, Live at Total Meeting, No Business Records NBCD 48. Carlos Alves Zingaro/Jean Luc Cappozzo/Jerome Bourdellon/Nicolas Lelievre.
2011, Live at Banlieue Bleue, NoBusiness Records NBCD51. Sudo Quartet.
2012, Live at Mosteiro de Santa Clara a Velha, Cipsela Records CIP 001. Solo.
2013, Day one, JACC Records JR026. "Zíngaro"/Mitzlaff/Viegas/Rosso 4tet.
2015, House full of colors, JACCRecords33. Staub Quartet.

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